Monday, October 19, 2015


Well it rained all day and it rained all night.
The rain came down on my head
(drip drop, drippity drop)
I said El Salvador`s wet
but it might as well be June!
(drip drop, a drippity drop!)

Please do me a favor and hum that song until its stuck in your head until tomorrow! This week it has been raining pretty much nonstop since Friday. You get wet, you kinda dry off (but not really in this humidity) and then you do it all again as soon as you leave a house.

I`ve seen a lot of miracles this week.
But first a funny story

So there is this lady named Dora that didn`t let us even talk to her that much two weeks ago. She lives in a house with a real, solid, knockable door. (tender mercies of the Lord, an actual door with a handle like the one my house has.) after all the thin metal doors here in this country it was a miracle.

But anyways I digress. this time she let us in to teach her! she introduced us to her teenage sons, and we started teaching lesson 1! She was kinda guarded at first but slowly and surely the Spirit entered the lesson. She started to be receptive of what we were saying. my companion was teaching the Savior`s Earthly Ministry and starting into the Apostasy so I could finish it and teach the Restoration. I was praying super hard to be able to do it well when
all of a sudden we heard a car honk. she grabbed my arm and told me to get in the corner. A car was pulling into the garage. and we were apparently hiding from someone. I was convinced I was going to be shot. But, turns out it was just her husband and he doesn`t like it when people are over that he didn`t invite. So as soon as the garage
door closed she had us run out the front door.

Scary. Funny.

But the worst part is that the lesson was ruined. She told us to come back another day.

Another Tender Mercy: I taught someone this week that is from Utah. Her mom got deported so she was there visiting her family, and we taught her, her sister, and her sister`s boyfriend. They said they would like to get baptized! ( here we always invite to baptism in the first lesson, sometimes even during contacting.) We are going to have to work with them though, but they have the desire! Now they just
need the testimony from the BoM and to keep their commitments and in 3 or 4 weeks they can be baptized! I have to take her an English BoM today becasue she likes English better than Spanish. This is a miracle because she was already supposed to have gone back to Utah but there
were some complications, but I know its because she is supposed to get baptized before going home! (She's a US citizen.)

The Lord blesses us, but we have to notice the hand of the Lord.

The brother of Jared teaches us this. He needed to light the barges to get to the promised land, so what did he do? He prayed to the Lord. Then the Lord asked him what HE thought he should do. Sometimes the Lord answers our prayers by letting us ponder it in our minds first. Then the brother of Jared asked the Lord if he would touch the stones so they would be lights, and the Lord did. And, because the faith of the brother of Jared was so great, he was able to see the hand of the Lord answering his prayer.

This story hit me this week.

I had been praying really hard for blessings but was having a hard time seeing the results. I was kinda struggling, but then I noticed. God was helping me at every step of the way
I had just neglected to see Him touching the stones to light my way.

As we seek the Lord in our lives, we find Him. we may not actually see His physical Hand, but we can see the things He touches and increase our Faith until one day we return to His presence and see Him as He is.

It is my personal resolution this week to see the Hand of the Lord guiding me in my life

I hope you do the same.

Now two questions:

What are you going to do differently today to be better than you were yesterday?

What are you going to do differently tomorrow to be better than you were today?

Specific answers, and specific prayers, bring specific blessings.

I love you all so much.

Remember who you are!!

You are a Child of God! An heir to what He has!

Stay chivo,

Elder McFarland

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